Additional proofreading


S&S Translation offers an additional proofreading service carried out by a second translator specialized in the same field with the same native language, in order to clean up the slightest stylistic or technical glitch.
Of course, we offer you professional page layout services. That can especially be useful when translating into languages with different alphabets, such as Arabic or Chinese.
  • Real localization, no literal translations. Since our translations are handled by native speaking translators, all of our translations are adapted to the target language. However, in some cases and depending on your needs, you may require a more detailed adaptation for results that match the culture and current events in a target country, as for example, software and software packages. Translators' specialization is a major key to success for this tricky operation.
  • Uniform text document after document. We can create a glossary using all of your pre-translated documents and we can add to it with each future translation. In that way, all of your technical, marketing or legal documents will be coherent, a definite enhancement for your brand-image abroad.