How we select our translators and interpreters?


In order to meet our standards for exactness and quality, all of our translators are selected according to the number of years of experience (if they are on the market for longer than 4 years, they are worth consideration...) and their specialty. They always work into their native language.
We assign the best translator for a project after having assessed his/her skill in the field to be translated (criteria = technical knowledge as well as writing style quality).
The translator(s) / Interpreters that we select in this manner will be automatically assigned to all of your future projects. If you have a very different type of translation project in the future, we will repeat the selection process based on your new requirements.

Simultaneous translation in several languages

We assign the best translators to each of our customers, specialized translators who are able to supply work that perfectly meets specific criteria.
We offer high calibre services with our international native translators in French, English, Italian, German, Japanese and Spanish. Our foreign translator are based and living in Vietnam.